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Why DIY Repair Kits are Only Temporary Solutions

Posted on 12/15/2018 by Dr. Anthony Dailley
Why DIY Repair Kits are Only Temporary SolutionsYou're biting down on an apple and oh no – you hear the crunch in your head before you feel the chipped tooth tumble down onto your tongue. Dread fills your heart as you run to the mirror, and there it is: a gaping hole in your smile where your tooth used to be.

With so many DIY repair kits available on the market, it's tempting to log online and have an emergency repair kit rushed to your house. However, these DIY kits are a temporary solution at best, and can be harmful and dangerous at worst.

A Temporary Solution to a Long-term Problem

The fact is, healthy teeth simply do not break. Teeth that have worn down over time due to tooth decay or enamel erosion are more likely to chip or become dislodged.Installing an at-home kit is nothing more than a bandage and does nothing to treat the underlying condition.

It may seem tempting to avoid visiting us, but we have the skills and expertise to help diagnose the problem and give you a lasting solution to prevent further issues.

Using an at-home filling kit, for example, can cover deep decay. You run the risk of a dangerous infection and pain. Some of these kits aren't even regulated, leading you to inadvertently putting toxic materials into your body.

Don't Risk Your Health

Over time, using a temporary DIY repair kit can lead to more unwanted expense down the road and permanent damage to your teeth and your health.

The trained professionals at our office can thoroughly assess your teeth and figure out what led to the damage, regardless if you have simply chipped your tooth or if you sustained an injury that caused one to fall out.

We can also advise you on how to prevent problems like this from occurring again. Regular checkups and dental cleanings can catch early problems before they become major issues.

Give us a call today before you have a dental emergency and allow us to help you protect your teeth!

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